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About Go Promoters

Go Key Verse
“GO into the world and preach the gospel to all creation” ~ Mark 16:15

Go Mission:
Helping move people closer to Christ.

Go Vision:
GO Promoters spreads the good news of Jesus Christ through music, entertainment, and engagement with local and global causes.

Go Values:
Fairness, Integrity, Collaboration, Creativity and Excellence.

Go Approach:
Partner with local churches and schools to promote Christian Music.

Privacy Policy

What information is collected? 
The information gathered is the necessary information required to perform a credit card transaction.

What the information collected is used for? 
The information gathered will be used to authenticate your credit card purchase as well as deliver your ticket. You may also receive critical show information from Go promoters regarding your event and future events sponsored by Go Promoters.

Who the information is shared with and why?
This information is not sold or shared to a third party.
There is no information sharing so you will not be required to opt out.


GO into the world and preach the gospel to all creation” ~ Mark 16:15


GO Promoters Security Policy: In light of recent security concerns across our nation, we are taking the utmost caution in your safety. We realize this is an inconvenience, but please know that we are doing it in order to protect the safety of all in attendance at the event. Backpacks, bags and purses are strictly prohibited. Leave all unnecessary items in the car for the evening, however we understand there are situations in which you may need emergency material for the night. Please place these items in a clear bag to make entry into the venue go quickly and efficiently. Diaper bags are allowed when infants are present, however are subject to search. If you decide to bring a clear bag be prepared to wait in line and have it searched by a member of our security team. All bags, regardless of type or size, are subject to this search. No exceptions will be made to this policy.