Are you in high school and interested in being part of Go Promoters?  Want a first hand look behind the scenes of a promotion company? Being on our street team is a great way to meet amazing people, add valuable skills to your resume, and have fun! We would love for you to join us! 

  • The goal of the Street Team is to raise awareness of Go Promoters events in the community. We do this by: 
  • Committing to a team and working together
  • Contacting and following up with local churches, schools and youth groups
  • Hanging poster,  passing out flyers, and following up with churches, schools, and youth groups
  • •Encouraging people to come to the event

Once involved, you will have the chance to work with an amazing team, earn tickets to upcoming shows, and build your understanding of the Christian music industry. Are you in?! 

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Go Street Team Code of Conduct *

Thank you so much for your interest in our Go Promoters Street Team!  Our ministry couldn't run without the family of volunteers that support us!  

Remember why you're here - Believe in the cause and want to make a difference!  We are so grateful for you!  

Do it willingly - We love working as a team, and are eager for people who are committed to being there! Flexibility is key when volunteering both with scheduling and tasks prior to the show.  

Honor your commitment- While genuine emergencies might force you to miss meetings or outings, people are counting on you and dropping out causes extra work for organizers and other volunteers.

Take it seriously - We have an important role to spread the message! Give it your best and do everything you can to make a first-class contribution. Always do your job and be prepared for anything that may come up!

Spread Christ’s light - For many people, volunteering is a way to meet new people and to become part of a community.  Make an effort to reach out to new team members or volunteers and introduce them to others. If they feel welcome, they'll come back.

You are an example- please wear your “Go” volunteer t-shirt and modest clothing when visiting churches, schools, and Go Promoters events.  You may be moving around a bit and we want to make sure all are comfortable at the Christ-centered family event. 

Respect - All of God's people must be treated with respect regardless of the situation.